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The project was implemented in cooperation with the Theoretical Institutes of the Faculty of Medicine of Palacký University in Olomouc and consisted in the design and production of a prototype of testing stations for verifying the accuracy of sonograms – equipment for mapping and analysing the sonogram Point Spread Function.

The measuring station consisted of a gauging tub, an electronics box, and a control PC. The PC contained software for mapping, evaluating and saving the measured values and creating a protocol for the measurement of the respective sonogram probe. Both linear and convex sonogram probes of all shapes could be measured.

The basis of the equipment was a gauging tub with adjusted gauging fluid – demineralised water. A gauging ultrasound probe was fastened to the sidewall of the tub by means of universal stabilization means. Inside the tub, a measuring probe-bouncer with a diameter of 0.5-2 mm moved at three axes by means of the feedback-equipped stepper motors. The accuracy of the bouncer’s movement at all three axes was 0.1 mm. The measured ultrasound probe generated the transmitted ultrasound waves and scanned ultrasound waves bounced from the point bouncer. The sonogram sent the analyser dynamic visual information on the bouncer’s expected location ascertained by evaluating the bounced ultrasound waves. The PC then processed such information and compared it with the bouncer’s actual location. The given deviation of the actual and measured locations of the bouncer was then evaluated and further processed by means of the analytic software of the PSF meter.


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