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The project for the development and delivery of a fully automated microdialysis system with the implementation of an electrochemical sensor for the online monitoring of biologically active compounds was implemented in cooperation with the Theoretical Institutes of the Faculty of Medicine of Palacký University in Olomouc. The infusion dose dispenser was made up of a casing containing the control electronics, a module for wired and wireless communication with the service PC or tablet, the mechanical part of the infusion dose dispenser, a stepper motor, a mechanical solution to the conversion of the propulsion power from the stepper motor into the driving piston system, and the actual driving piston. The driving piston was complemented with an extension kit for the positioning of a wide range of Hamilton injections from which the infusion solution was directly administered to the whole system.


The project was implemented in cooperation with the Theoretical Institutes of the Faculty of Medicine of Palacký University in Olomouc and consisted in the design and production of a prototype of testing stations for verifying the accuracy of sonograms – equipment for mapping and analysing the sonogram Point Spread Function.
The measuring station consisted of a gauging tub, an electronics box, and a control PC. The PC contained software for mapping, evaluating and saving the measured values and creating a protocol for the measurement of the respective sonogram probe. Both linear and convex sonogram probes of all shapes could be measured.


In cooperation with a significant pharmaceutical company, we developed a fully automated diagnostic device for analysing and evaluating the key parameters of biologically active compounds. Compact All-in-One solution where all processes (separation, detection, analysis, evaluation, etc.) are integrated into a single device (110 x 75 x 80 cm) weighing approximately 110 kg. The capacity of samples: up to 36 test tubes. Liquid handling system with more than thirteen motor units. Length of the automated evaluation process: approximately 4 hours.


In cooperation with significant Czech pharmaceutical and biotechnological company, we developed a variable device for producing homogenous nanofiber layers from synthetic polymers and biopolymers. TRYSPIN is a table, fully automated device the variability of which makes it useful, in particular, in research centres and university laboratories.

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