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As we informed you last year, our goal was to set out on a bike trip around the world. It meant going about 40 000 km.

The 1st stage took place from 1 April 2019 to 31 December 2019

The 2nd stage took place from 1 April 2020 to 15 June 2020

We decided to make the results of our company-wide efforts public within a traditional pre-summer session taking place on 19 June.

It was not an easy challenge and we got all sweaty in achieving it. Finally, after counting up all contributions, we could happily announce that we had (nearly) made it. We had run as many as 40 091 km.

We thank all of our employees who contributed to breaking the set limit.

See the overall evaluation below. Who took the winning place and was deservedly awarded?

Fifth place was taken by our sales representative Michal Mareš who had run 2 378 km.

Fourth place was taken by our mechanic Petr Urbášek who had run 2 950 km.

The third place was taken by our designer Honza Kolenyák who had run 4 040 km.

The silver went to our production director Kamil Žlutíř who had run a respectable 4 360 km.

The gold deservedly went to our locksmith Jirka Kapl who had made it clear that cycling was his domain and had achieved an incredible result of 8 990.5 km.

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