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In cooperation with a significant pharmaceutical company, we developed a fully automated diagnostic device for analysing and evaluating the key parameters of biologically active compounds.

Basic concepts and parameters of the device:

  • Compact All-in-One solution where all processes (separation, detection, analysis, evaluation, etc.) are integrated into a single device (110 x 75 x 80 cm) weighing approximately 110 kg
  • Capacity of samples: up to 36 test tubes
  • Liquid handling system with more than thirteen motor units
  • Thermal incubation within a range of 30-100 °C
  • Precise dosage through a precise pipette pump with precision to 0.002 ml
  • Our own patented solution to an automated sealing of PCR microtitration plates
  • Actively cooled reagent block 4-8 °C for temporary archiving of samples
  • Full identifiability and traceability of samples and components ascertained by means of QR codes, integrated readers, and software modules
  • In-process inspection of all positions and the quantity of reactions (test tubes with chemicals) for implementing and completing the diagnostic cycle
  • Length of the automated evaluation process: approximately 4 hours
  • UV decontamination of the inner room
  • Device control through an integrated touch display
  • Operator logging through a bar code or an ID card
  • Automated locking of the device during the diagnostic process
  • System of lights and acoustic signalization upon the completion of individual operations
  • Automated sending of results to e-mail
  • Full connectivity with hospital information systems
  • Robust software application enabling the execution of more than 50 types of examinations
  • System administration enabling remote access to results


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