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In cooperation with significant Czech pharmaceutical and biotechnological company, we developed a variable device for producing homogenous nanofiber layers from synthetic polymers and biopolymers.

Basic concepts and parameters of the device:

  • TRYSPIN is a table, fully automated device the variability of which makes it useful, in particular, in research centres and university laboratories.
  • The design of the TRYSPIN device makes use of a high-voltage 60KV source and enables the production of a stable and homogenous nanofiber layer of biopolymers or synthetic polymers with the intended use, in particular, for medical applications.
  • TRYSPIN has a unique solution for depleting the residual charge of the individual parts of the device, a precise linear motor axis controlled by a feedback-equipped unit, a precise rotation axis enabling the rotation of big cylinder collectors at a speed of up to 5 thousand revolutions a minute, its own solution to the micro dosage of two different polymers, regulation of heat in the work chamber through the PID regulators, regulation and measurement of the flow of heated air in the work chamber of the device, etc.
  • The TRYSPIN system also contains variable accessories of the device for the production of nanofibers (approximately 20 types of collectors and emitters), a device control through an integrated touch display, and an intuitive user interface enabling the desirable extension of the functionalities, a solution to the safety of the operated device, and an automated locking of the device during the fibre spinning process.
  • The high production capacity of the TRYSPIN device enables the production of homogenous nanofiber layers for an almost semi-industrial use.


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